HSE Policy

GERBANG NUSAJAYA SDN BHD has a fundamental responsibility and commitment to ensure that all employees work in a safe and healthy environment at the site by preventing injury and damage to property.The company believes all accidents that causes injury to employees and others at the place of work can be prevented. It will manage environmental, Safety and Health Management System like any other company functions.

The Management will set achievable goals, as below, to ensure for accident free working environment.

  • To instill awareness of safety as a culture among employees and will allow them to participate in programmes and by consulting them to indentify deficiencies and seek practical solutions.
  • The company will conduct training and ensure all personnel are competent and experienced to carry out work safely and without risk.
  • It will develop and maintain safety programme to ensure that the operation are in compliance with its policy and standard and other legislative requirements.
  • All incidents or acts that are likely to cause injury will be investigated to identify ways to prevent recurrence.
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP) will be developed and Emergency Response Team (ERT) established. Periodic evacuation drill will be conducted to test the efficiency of ERT.
  • The Company shall endeavors to reduce, reuse and or recycle materials and manage environmental friendly practices, in compliance to legislative requirements, to control emission, discharge to water bodies and noise pollution.
  • All employees have the responsibilities working safely and have the duty to report unsafe acts and conditions. The policy is to be implemented through Organization procedures and Arrangements established by the company’s safety and health program.

This Policy will be reviewed each year in consultation with employee’s safety and health representatives and will be updated with new legislation or organization changes.